Holistic document management with Regler FeltenStein. From content generation to everyday life in the digital office.

For optimal flow of information

When designing your company's electronic document management process, Regler FeltenStein always keeps an eye on the entire future flow of information. Every document finds its rightful place in the digital office and is available to all authorized users at all times. For this to happen, Regler FeltenStein structures and organizes the entire subsequent processing chain for all documents right from the start.

  • Acquisition:
    All documents are recorded and categorised.
  • Transformation:
    Using optical character recognition (OCR), documents are digitized, structured, and indexed.
  • Management:
    The order and availability of documents is systematically structured.
  • Storage:
    Each document is assigned a permanent place where it is available at all times.
  • Cloud:
    All information is securely stored independently of internal IT systems.

Software that changes your world. At a lower cost and leaving more time for the essentials.

Regler FeltenStein offers you suitable tools in the areas of:

  • Workflow management, including document handling
  • Print and user management
  • OCR and PDF processing
  • Colour management

How your documents are managed with Regler FeltenStein:

Regler FeltenStein provides advice, oversees your individual process optimization and provides you with the latest hardware and software technologies.